Everything to Know About The Folklore and How It Works With Founder and CEO Amira Rasool

Ever wanted to know the backstory of The Folklore? For the first time ever, our CEO and Founder Amira Rasool shares her background as a writer and fashion editor, the evolution of The Folklore over the years and how brands can get the most out of their membership.

In the recent town hall event hosted by Rasool, she takes The Folklore community and prospective members through an inside look at the platform features and answers questions from a live Q&A session with her personal insights.

Whether you’re a new member or are considering signing up, this is your chance to unlock the full potential of The Folklore for your brand’s success, from easy-to-use technology and software to educational resources and a community of like-minded creatives.

Watch the video below to discover how a membership to The Folklore can fuel your brand growth through a vibrant community, valuable resources, and exclusive opportunities.

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